According to a source at NBC Sports, Baltimore Orioles Manager Earl Weaver would be offered the position as backup-game color commentator on "The Game of The Week" in 1983 if Toby Kubek, who will be demoted from the No. 1 to the No. 2 game next season, should quit his job with the network.

"Kubek is upset about being demoted," said the source, "and I'd say there's definitely a chance, maybe 20 percent, that he's so bothered that he'd resign. If he did, we'd almost certainly offer the color spot on the backup game to Weaver."

Vin Scully reportedly would replace Kubek on the No. 1 game.

Weaver said today that, should such shifts in NBC's talent occur, "I'd definitely be interested . . . Is there a better job than that? Fly to a game every Saturday, talk baseball all day, not have to make any (managerial) decisions, then be back home playing in the mixed foursome on Sunday.

"I'm talking to ABC (about broadcasting job possibilities) on Wednesday," said Weaver, who has been writing his own "Manager's Corner" pregame radio show for several seasons in preparation for a possible broadcasting job to spice up his retirement.

On Sunday, Weaver agreed to terms for a two-year scouting contract with the Orioles that would forbid him from managing any other major league team, at least so long as the Orioles wished to invoke their legal right to prevent any other club from contacting him.