Terry Metcalf, cut this week by the Redskins after never fully recovering from an offseason concussion, has an injury insurance policy that should bring him a "significant sum of money," according to his attorney, Richard Bennett.

"We fully expect (the policy) will cover his injury and we fully expect he will collect on it," said Bennett, adding that the insurance coverage was in the six-figures area. It is estimated Metcalf could get at least $300,000 from the policy. "Terry has paid hefty premiums just to cover a situation like this," Bennett said.

Although the Redskins feel Buffalo's decision to cut Lemar Parrish this week justifies that draft-day trade with the Bills, Parrish's dismissal has one negative effect on Washington. Buffalo would have owed the Redskins a fifth-round 1983 choice if Parrish had played in 50 percent of the 1982 games. That part of the trade now is voided.

Redskin General Manager Bobby Beathard says his decision to trade a 1983 fourth-round choice to New Orleans for five late-round 1982 choices has been justified; both kicker Dan Miller (11th round) and 290-pound tackle Don Laster (12th) made the 49-man roster. "I'd do the same deal again," Beathard said . . .

Kansas City running back Joe Delaney has made a full recovery from surgery for a detached retina and is starting . . . With teams like Oakland, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and St. Louis altering their offenses to include more passes to their backs, Tampa Bay has decided to do some tinkering with its defense. The Buccaneers will blitz more and be more aggressive.