The Buckeyes squandered a 14- point lead, then rallied on quarterback Mike Tomczak's one-yard run in the fourth quarter before 88,622, the second-Largest crowd in Ohio Stadium history and its 84th consecutive sellout.

Tomczak, a sophomore, was making his first college start; he replaced Art Schlichter, the Buckeyes' quarterback the past four years. Tomczak completed six of 15 passes for 93 yards and two interceptions.

"I still have a lot more work to do with my passing. I forced a few," Tomczak said. Coach Earle Bruce disagreed.

"Tomczak made a great dubt," Bruce said. "He played well in the first half, but made some mistakes in the second half. When he made those mistakes, his protection broke down a little."

On its opening drive of the second half, Baylor had a first down on the Ohio State six on quarter back Allen Rice's sneak. But a penalty moved the ball back to the 13, and Marty Jimmerson missed a 30-yard field goal.

"Well, the field goal was good, but you've got to expect that when you're playing away," Baylor Coach Grant Teaff said. "In Waco (Tex.), that probably would have been good."