Peter Stastny, the NHL's No. 3 scorer last season, has established Quebec as the National Hockey League's new city of brotherly love. Nordiques management hates the idea.

Stastny refused to report to opening of training camp yesterday in an attempt to force the club to renegotiate the contracts of his brothers/linemates, Anton and Marian Stastny. None of the dynamic trio showed up at either Sunday physicals or Monday workout.

Maurice Filion, Nordiques g.m., said the club already had agreed to increase the salary of Peter, who made about $180,000 last season, but would not be swayed into "negotiating with groups, whoever they might be." And no matter whether you call it a quick adaptation to the ways of capitalism, or a bit of socialism, by these three defectors from Czechoslovakia heading into their third (Peter and Anton) and second (Marian) NHL seasons.

Filion called it "blackmail" . . .

Of perhaps more immediate interest to the Capitals, who target Pittsburgh as one rival to leapfrog for playoff position: defenseman Ron Stackhouse surprises Penguins brass with camp's-eve retirement and leading scorer Mike Bullard shows up with mononucleosis expected to idle him until November. And forward Ilkka Sinisalo breaks his collarbone in Philadelphia Flyers' scrimmage . . .

A mechanical engineer who helped reconstruct Sen. Edward M. Kennedy's Chappaquiddick Island accident in which Mary Jo Kopechne died is to be a key witness for the defense today in Olympic hockey hero Jim Craig's Wareham, Mass., trial for vehicular homicide.

The testimony by former Boston University professor Yau Wu follows conflicting versions given at yesterday's trial opening by the sometimes Boston NHL goalie and by Ingrid Olsen, 30. Craig said her eastbound auto came toward him in his westbound lane; Olsen maintained that the oncoming headlights she saw 15 seconds before the crash "crossed the center line and came into my travel lane . . . I said, 'Oh my God, what is this car doing?' " Olsen's passenger, Margaret F. Curry, 29, was killed the rainy, foggy night of May 29 as Olsen swerved into the opposite lane, she related, but could not avert the collision.