In the wake of yesterday's called NFL players strike, teams around the league held meetings into the night. A brief look at what went on:

Colts: Player representative Mike Ozdowski said he doubted all of his teammates would stay out. "I doubt that we will get 100 percent, but I haven't been told that we won't get it," Ozdowski said. "Anyone who does report will be in a boat by himself with very little company."

The Colts, with many young players and little job security under hardnosed Coach Frank Kush, had been expected by some to be reticent to strike. "They are awfully strong for a weak link," Ozdowski said. "I feel sorry for the owners if we are the weakest link."

Saints: Player rep Russell Erxleben said the Saints would work out individually this week. If the strike should last more than a week, he said, players will work out together.

Gesturing toward the Sheet Metal Workers Union hall, borrowed for the team meeting, Erxleben said, "There's no indecision, but we have a lot of shocked people in there."

Oilers: Tim Wilson, former Maryland fullback and a strong union backer, said he had an insurance policy that would pay 75 percent of his estimated $100,000 salary for this season. The underwriter was not reported. "I didn't want the Oilers to have me lock, stock and barrel," he said.

Among seven Oilers missing from the team meeting were Archie Manning and Earl Campbell. At the meeting, players agreed to informal workouts. graphics /photo: Chiefs' Gary Green and Nick Lowery gather personal belongings after end of practice in Kansas City. (UPI)