What's on TV Sunday? Hey, let's be objective about this.

Yechh. Bleh.

NBC, one of two TV networks that expects its football viewership down by at least half Sunday, has ordered four of its AFC-type announcers into a frigid land where the field is longer and the downs are shorter. Specifically, Don Criqui and John Brodie will be in the booth for the first Canadian Football League game on NBC: British Columbia at Toronto at 1:30 p.m.

Len Dawson and Gene Washington will be on the sidelines in Toronto, because CFL regulations allow players to be interviewed while the game's in progress. Expect lots of "Hi, Mom" interviews with boys from the United States.

For Calgary at Edmonton at 4 p.m., Dick Enberg and Merlin Olsen (who at least dresses properly for Canada) will be in the booth, with Bob Trumpy and Mike Haffner on the field.

NBC, which is paying about $100,000 per game for the rights to share the CFL coverage with Canadian broadcasters and the ESPN cable network here in the U.S., will precede them Sunday with a special one-hour edition of "NFL '82." Half of the hour will explain the NFL players strike, and half will explain CFL football.

This is our big chance to discover Canadian football, eh? Isn't Canadian hockey enough?