It was fantasy time in San Diego. There, as here, a radio station gave fans a chance to cheer even though there was no game.

The whimsical creation in San Diego replaced the regularly scheduled Chargers-Raiders game that was canceled by the strike. More than 150 fans gathered in a steady drizzle in the parking lot of San Diego Jack Murphy Stadium to listen to Charlie Jones, an NBC sports announcer, and Tom Bass, an assistant coach with the Chargers, do the play-by-play for KFMB radio's "Fantasy Football" game.

Jones delighted the crowd with his description of Rolf Benirschke's 93-yard field goal in the closing seconds that gave San Diego a 29-27 victory.

In Denver, radio station KIMN featured "fractured football," making up an entire game between the Broncos and New Orleans Saints. The broadcast was complete with remote interviews with a man who blew up footballs before the game and a foreign kicker named Maurice Valdez. Denver won, 24-14.

Dan Jiggetts and Tom Condon, player representatives for the Chicago Bears and Kansas City Chiefs, respectively, got an unexpected detour on their way to the NFL-NFLPA negotiations.

Their taxi ride from New York City to Hempstead, N.Y., included an unscheduled tour of parts of Long Island, making the bill for the ride $75. That's about $25 more than usual.

They paid it.