The news that Delaware Park race track was closing saddened area race fans and horsemen.

Hall of Fame trainer Henry Clark, who handled the Christiana Stable for the du Pont family for 32 years, said yesterday, "I hate to see it die. It was a beautiful place."

Bowie General Manager Al Karwacki said, "The loss of Delaware Park is a sad one. It may or may not help Maryland racing. If we get Timonium, an anachronism, out of the picture, Maryland could benefit."

Ben Cohen, whose family owns Pimlico, said, "Maryland racing will be hurt . . . Where will the big stables that race here go with Delaware closed during the summer? Horsemen won't go to Timonium, period. Unless Timonium gets out, Maryland racing is dead. As a matter of truth, it would be ideal if Bowie got out of the picture, too, and left the racing to Laurel and Pimlico with their turf courses and everything."

Max Mosner of Timonium said, "I'm not sure about how many more people we'll draw with the close of Delaware Park, but I believe we'll do well with more horses to draw from."

Joe Kelly, publicity director for Laurel, who covered the Delaware Park meetings as a news reporter and handicapper, said, "I was there when Delaware (which opened in 1937) was new. I remember that William du Pont Jr. had a special train that left from Union Station in Washington to the Delaware track each day. That was 110 miles each way. But most important, Delaware was a class operation from its inception."