The Kentucky basketball team's 7-foot center, Sam Bowie, said he would rather miss a second season than undergo further surgery for a shin injury. "I guess an operation is the last resort," Bowie said in a telephone interview from his Memphis, Tenn., hospital room. "I know it's the last resort I want to consider . . . I'd probably sit this year out. More than likely, that's what I'd do" . . .

Russ Sloan, athletic director at California's Fresno State University, stepped down from his post after receiving what he termed a "ridiculous" contract offer from the university. Sloan, who had headed the university's athletic program since 1980, said he would not return because the university did not negotiate with him in good faith.

"I didn't resign," Sloan said. "It didn't have anything to do with money. The university made a ridiculous offer and I countered. As of now, we have parted services."

The Fresno State football team was placed on a one-year probation by the Pacific Coast Athletic Association last week for illegal loans made to players by members of the coaching staff and alumni.

The university said a committee would be formed immediately to search for Sloan's successor.