A District Court cleared the way yesterday for Bessie Stockard to again coach the University of the District of Columbia's women's basketball team.

A motion for a temporary restaining order, filed by ousted coach Windy McGriff, was denied by Judge Donald Smith. Tuesday, McGriff will be assigned other duties at the university.

McGriff, 32, coached at Piscataway (N.J.) High School for nine years before, he said, "giving up lifetime tenure in the New Jersey school system to take this opportunity.

"When I was hired, there was nothing said about anything pending with Bessie Stockard," McGriff said. "Now I am losing my job through no fault of my own."

After his team went 14-11 last season, McGriff said, he was given another one-year contract in August. Wednesday, when Stockard was reinstated as a result of her complaint to the D.C. Office of Human Rights, McGriff was notified that he no longer would be coaching.

Stockard was reinstated with full back pay as partial settlement of her complaint that she was fired as a result of sex discrimination. In her two seasons as coach, her teams were 40-11.

Then-athletic director Orby Moss dismissed Stockard and hired McGriff. Moss resigned last month to become athletic director at North Carolina A&T.

Since her firing, Stockard has worked in the school's physical education department.

"I have been recruiting all summer and telling the players I would be their coach," McGriff said. "Now I've had my feet kicked out from under me. I've tried to get some explanation from the administration, but everybody is passing the buck."

Ben Alexander, president of the university, yesterday referred all queries to John Britton, the school's public affairs director. Britton was not available for comment.

David Silberman, McGriff's attorney, said he has filed for a hearing on yesterday's decision and it will be held Oct. 26.