An attorney for Tom Boswell, the former Denver and Utah forward-center, said today his client will surrender to police on a "probable cause" theft warrant stemming from a purse-snatching.

The 29-year-old former NBA player was identified by a purse-snatch victim as one of two men who were at the scene when her purse was stolen while she napped in a southeast Denver park Oct. 5.

The 33-year-old victim said she awoke from her nap in Garland Park to see a man grab her purse and run. She said she asked another man, whom she later identified as Boswell, to help, but that he made only a half-hearted effort to catch the thief.

She said witnesses later told her the two men were together before the incident . . .

Donald T. Sterling, owner of the San Diego Clippers, has turned over total control of the sale of his team to attorney Alan Rothenberg and has left for a European vacation.

Sterling said Rothenberg could make whatever deal was necessary to sell the club before the Clippers' season-opener Oct. 29.

"Money's not important," said Sterling when asked about what kind of deal he wanted Rothenberg to make. "Whatever's fair is fine. I just hope the team is sold before I come back (in late October)."