By a 2 to 1 margin, football fans say that professional football players should not have gone on strike, according to an ABC News public opinion poll.

The fans polled also tend to side more with the owners than the players. When asked who they sided with, 49 percent of fans polled said they sided more with the owners; 40 percent said they sided more with the players.

The ABC News poll was conducted by telephone on Monday and Tuesday. A total of 505 Americans was contacted nationwide, including 232 who said they tended to follow professional football. Theoretically, a poll of 232 people has a sampling error of about 7 percent in either direction, 95 percent of the time.

These were the questions asked of the 232 football fans, and their responses:

"As you may know, the NFL professional football players have gone on strike and no games are being played. Do you think professional football players should have gone on strike or not?"

Yes: 31 percent

No: 65 percent

No opinion: 4 percent

"Would you say you side more with the players or more with the owners in their contract dispute?"

Players: 40 percent

Owners: 49 percent

Neither: 7 percent

No opinion: 4 percent

"Do you think that the strike will be settled in enough time for games to be played again this season or not?"

Yes: 46 percent

No: 45 percent

No opinion: 9 percent

"How much would you say you miss not being able to see NFL professional football . . . would you say you miss it a great deal, a fair amount, only a little, or not at all?"

A great deal: 32 percent

A fair amount: 33 percent

Only a little: 21 percent

Not at all: 14 percent

"Would you agree or disagree that, all in all, it has been kind of pleasant not to have professional football on TV this year for once?"

Agree: 23 percent

Disagree: 75 percent

No opinion: 2 percent