The hearing charging a soccer referee with punching a parent during a game last month was continued until Jan. 24, 1983, yesterday in District Court in Rockville.

Sombat Hacopian of 11216 Bedfordshire Ave., Potomac, charged by Robert L. Flynn with battery after allegedly punching him in the face and knocking him unconscious, was assigned to complete a minimum of 24 hours of work for the Alternative Community Service by Judge Stanley Klavan before the next hearing.

The ACS program is used extensively by the court system in lieu of fines, probation or imprisonment for first offenders of minor offenses.

Flynn is a cardiologist from Potomac whose child was playing in a game for players born in 1981.

The incident occurred Sept. 25 at the Falls Chapel field in Potomac after Hacopian did not make a call on a play that took place behind him, according to a police report.

The game was halted when a number of parents came on the field. After a lot of shouting, the referee hit one of the parents and seven stitches were needed to close the mouth wound, the report said.

Don Dennison, president of the Metropolitan Soccer Referees Association, said this was the first time in his memory that an official had ever struck a spectactor. However, he said, there were six incidents within the last year of soccer referees being assaulted by either players or parents.

Hacopian, 45, three years an official, had worked several games that day before the incident (an official earns $10 a game). He has been suspended pending the hearing results. Neither party would comment yesterday because the case still is open.

Diane Barlow, commissioner of Montgomery Soccer Inc., recently sent a letter to each player on the two teams involved, commending them for their conduct during the incident.

Barlow also sent a letter to the parents and coaches, stating that she was greatly disturbed that the incident occurred and that the league was committed to doing everything possible to reduce the chance of a similiar situation occurring again.

As part of that effort, she emphasized rules stating that no one other than players and the referee are allowed on the field during a game.

She also noted that dissent from a referee's judgment by a player, coach or spectator is a violation. Discussions with or comments to a referee are not permitted in soccer.