The early returns are in on college basketball's experimental three-point shot from 19 feet in the Atlantic Coast and Atlantic 10 conferences. The most recent intrasquad scrimmages at Maryland, North Carolina, Virginia and George Washington show this trend:

When the three-point shot is attempted in the course of a normal offense, the percentage is relatively high. Players in the four scrimmages made 34 of 63 attempts from three-point range, or almost 54 percent. A reminder: Shooting 33.3 percent from three-point range results in as many points as making 50 percent of two-point attempts.

At Virginia, the team that played against 7-foot-4 Ralph Sampson made 11 of 15 shots from 19 feet or beyond and won, 105-98. But Sampson's team, attempting three-pointers in desperation at the end of the game, made only one of eight. Both teams played man-to-man defense.

Asked why his players took only three attempts in three 20-minute halves from three-point range, GW Coach Gerry Gimelstob said, "I want them to take layups. I think we have a good game and shouldn't tinker with the rules. I'm a traditionalist; we're going to win the old-fashioned way."

Basketball injury report: Sam Perkins was carried off the Carmichael Auditorium floor during the scrimmage Saturday with an injury to his right knee. But the injury, diagnosed as a sprain, apparently is not serious. A UNC spokesman said yesterday that Perkins' knee will be in a cast for two weeks, after which he is expect to resume practicing . . . Darryl Webster, one of GW's top recruits, from Coolidge High, has missed a week with a groin injury. Webster has resumed running lightly.

If it defeats Catholic University Saturday, the George Mason University men's soccer team will finish the regular season 17-0-0, the only undefeated, untied team in Division I. The Patriots will be host to the Virginia state playoffs Nov. 13-14, with a championship match against fourth-ranked Virginia likely. "I have a soccer dynasty," said Athletic Director Jack Kvancz, noting that his women's team will play at Princeton Saturday in the opening round of the first Division I women's tournament.

An unfunny thing happened to the Naval Academy's varsity crew at the start of the championship eight event in Saturday's Head of the Schuylkill Regatta: someone forgot to start the clock, timing the race. By the time race officials realized what had happened, the Navy boat and another from the University of Pennsylvania were too far down river to recall. In "head" racing, the competition is against the clock and boats start a few seconds apart.

Of the boats timed, the Midshipmen's B crew had the fastest time, 13:52. But the coxswain of the A crew timed his boat in 13:40, which is about the difference when they practice against each other, said Navy Coach Rick Clothier.

There were 37 coaching changes in 275-member NCAA Division I basketball since last season. "Is that all? I thought there would be at least 50," said North Carolina Coach Dean Smith, who wants some sort of job security for his peers, with great sarcasm . . . Paul Korfonta, who lives in Vienna but attended Worcester (Mass.) Academy, has started all five games at quarterback for Dartmouth's undefeated freshman football team.