Day 55 of the National Football League strike passed uneventfully as both sides in the dispute held to their positions through the eighth consecutive Sunday of unplayed NFL games.

No talks have been scheduled since mediator Sam Kagel recessed the players-versus-owners discussions for the second time Nov. 6 in New York, declaring his further participation futile unless one or both sides became willing to move on the basic economic issues.

There were no indications yesterday of any such movement, and management repeated its insistence that the union must accept terms of its 75-page proposal submitted Nov. 6 before the talks can be resumed.

Ed Garvey, executive director of the NFL Players Association, returned to New York from Washington to continue meeting with player representatives from the 28 teams and delegations of other players from around the league who have continued to call at the union's strike headquarters at the Summit Hotel in midtown Manhattan.

Garvey had been in the capital to meet with Kay McMurray, director of the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service, in an effort to get talks resumed under Kagel's auspices. But Jack Donlan, executive director of the NFL Management Council, insisted anew that there was no point in meeting until the union accepts the Nov. 6 offer.

A delegation of reputedly dissident players led by Dallas Cowboys quarterback Danny White and San Francisco 49ers tight end Russ Francis met with a group of player representatives yesterday in New York. According to the Associated Press, they agreed at the meeting that getting management back to the bargaining table was a top priority.

Earlier White had been quoted as saying the delegation wanted to tell Garvey that a majority of NFL players favor accepting management's last offer.

A spokesman for the union said "they asked a lot of questions and got a lot of answers."