Twelve-year-old Linda Gordon, Dawn Latona, 11 and Tracy Sterck, 14, of the Philadelphia Skate Club took early leads after the compulsory figures last night in the ladies intermediate division of the South Atlantic Figure Skating Championships at the Mount Vernon Ice Arena.

Other early leaders in the five-bracket intermediate ladies competition are Megan Poole, 11, of the Atlanta Figure Skating Club and Elisa Curtis, 13, of the Wissahickon Skate Club of Philadelphia. The compulsory figures in intermediate ladies account for 50 percent of the total score.

Brigit Barkeit, 15, of the Washington Figure Skating Club and Hille Von Rosenvinge, 13, of the Bowie Figure Skating Club remained in contention going into Friday's intermediate free style competition .

In the junior ladies preliminary competition, Valory Vennes, 14, of the Atlanta Figure Skating Club and Ellen Altschuler, 14, of the Philadelphia Skate Club led their respective eight-member brackets after two of three rounds.

Vennes led the A bracket by scoring 57.7 points in the compulsory figure event and 47.7 points in the short program free skating. The figures event composes 20 percent and the short program 50 of the final score. Scores from free skating, set for today, compose the remaining 50 percent.

Altschuler led the B bracket with 53 points in figures and 41.2 points in the short program. Amy Gordon, 15, of the Bowie Figure Skating Club, was sixth in the A division, with 49.4 in figures and 38.4 in the short program.

The top four in each bracket of the junior ladies repeat the three-phase competition Friday and Saturday in the championship round.

More than 240 skaters are in the competition, which runs through Saturday. It is the first step toward the national championships in Pittsburgh, Jan. 30 through Feb. 6, 1983.