"The abuse must stop. Fans must be heard."

Here comes National Sports Fan Association, a new effort to mobilize the people who pay the freight, root their hearts out and come in last in the machinations of the sports industry.

Robert L. Kocher Sr. and Jr., capital area commercial and graphic arts professionals who got the NSFA ball rolling with William F. Sigmund before Sigmund, longtime Washington advertising executive, died Nov. 7, called a news conference yesterday at the Touchdown Club to roll that ball a little further.

The idea was kindled before the football strike, the seven-member NSFA board (area people, but going national) assures, but the strike certainly served to illustrate the magnitude of the issues. Now, says Kocher Sr., both NFL and NFLPA, "as usual, expect the fans to pay the way for this remaining joke of a season." NSFA is realistic enough not to call for a boycott of games, but urges those who attend "to make a unified gesture of their displeasure, by remaining silent while teams are introduced to the field, and at the same time make a visual display, by waving a white cloth object to indicate the past surrendering nature of sports fans that will be overcome and changed."

The fan association soon will be coming at you with a membership drive ("by direct mail and newspaper advertising"), with a target of 500,000 nationwide. Long way to go, though, to make the owners and athletes wave any white flags of conciliation with customer interests.