World Boxing Association lightweight champion Ray (Boom Boom) Mancini, uncertain about his boxing future after the death of his last opponent, Duk Koo Kim, has postponed his scheduled title defense against Roberto Elizondo, Mancini's attorney said in Youngstown, Ohio, yesterday. The bout was scheduled for St. Vincent, Italy, Dec. 18.

"There are two main factors (for the delay) -- the death of his opponent, which was very traumatic, and his physical condition," attorney Constant Prassinos said.

"Even if Mr. Kim had not suffered a fatal injury, if Ray had gone home and he had simply lost, it was such a grueling fight and Mr. Mancini took such a beating it was unlikely he could've been in good enough shape in that time."

Meanwhile, a transplant team took the kidneys of Kim, but his heart was refused by a candidate who feared public attention, a hospital spokesman said in Las Vegas.

The kidneys were removed late Wednesday and a coroner's examiner signed the death certificate about midnight. Kim's remains were to be taken home to South Korea by his mother for burial . . .

A few moments of earnest violence will not be shown Saturday when CBS airs its tape of the Alexis Arguello-Aaron Pryor fight.

After the fight, promoter Bob Arum reportedly attempted to spirit the victorious Pryor out of the Miami arena following his postfight interview with HBO, which carried the fight live (for a reported $950,000). Arum approached CBS boxing consultant Mort Sharnik and announced there would be no CBS interview, witnesses said.

Sharnik got angry and the two began pushing each other. They were pulled apart before any significant scoring by either opponent and CBS got its interview . . .

Irish Mike Baker (49-14-1) and David Carter (8-3) will meet in a 10-round middleweight bout to head up a seven-match Washington Area Boxing-Karate Tournament Friday, Nov. 26, at the Crystal City Hyatt Regency at 8 p.m.