Washington Redskins season ticket holders have been given three options of getting their money back for the five regular-season home games called off because of the players strike.

They can get an immediate refund for the canceled games, they can credit a portion of that money toward purchase of playoff tickets should the Redskins have any playoff games at RFK Stadium, or they can credit it toward purchase of season tickets for 1983.

Although five of the games were called off because of the eight-week strike, one -- against the St. Louis Cardinals -- has been rescheduled for 1 p.m. Jan. 2 at RFK.

Season ticket holders who wish to attend that game should use their tickets for Game 1, the Redskins ticket office announced. For next Sunday's game against the Dallas Cowboys they should use Ticket 7; for the Dec. 19 game against the New York Giants, Ticket 8.

Ticket holders who do not want to attend the Jan. 2 game with the Cardinals have the choice of getting their money back or crediting the refund toward their 1983 season tickets.

For holders of reserved parking tickets at the Redskins games, Ticket 7 should be used for the Dallas game, Ticket 8 for the Giants game and Ticket 1 for the Cardinals game, Robert Sigholtz, general manager of the D.C. Armory Board, announced.

Reserved parkers can get their money back for the four games not played or credit their 1983 accounts, Sigholtz said. If the armory board does not hear from these ticket holders by Jan. 7, the board will assume they wish to have their accounts credited.