USFL Federals announce 13 more player signings, including NFL veterans Don Testerman, Seattle Seahawks' No. 5 all-time rusher (850 yards, 1976-78) and DE Ron Fernandes (Colts, 1976-79) . . . Available, a prestrike NFL starting linebacker, and healthy yet: Al Chesley, cut by Philadelphia in favor of an eighth-round draftee from Temple, Mike Curcio. Chesley, former Eastern High and 11th-rounder out of Pitt, 1979, reacted angrily last week to being benched for Sunday's Eagles-Redskins game: "If it stays like that, I'll make enough noise that they'll have to trade me." No takers. Coach Dick Vermeil: "Al is not really happy . . . so we have provided an opportunity for him to seek employment elsewhere" . . . Out of Thursday night TV game: Rams' right-handed passer Bert Jones, irritated nerve causing numbness in left arm and hand. Vince Ferragamo takes over against 49ers -- who may have be without Renaldo Nehemiah. The track star/wide receiver twisted an ankle on a muddy practice field; chances "50-50" . . . Tony Peters and Vernon Dean told inquiring Quarterback Clubbers they probably will vote to accept the NFL offer, and Peters ventured that so will the majority of Redskins.

Lions fan, Randy Edgar, who sued for money back plus interest on 41 tickets to a strike-killed game: a Bay City, Mich., court awards him $512.50 refund, $10.25 interest, $42 legal costs . . . Further on Redskins tickets: customers can request refund for the canceled four home games and still be eligible to buy playoff tickets. But let 'em know.