The RFK Stadium attendance count marked only 412 absentees -- 55,045 tickets sold as usual and a crowd of 54,633 announced -- giving Washington the smallest number of no-shows on the third week of games since the 57-day NFL players' strike.

Including Thursday's game, 685,435 fans, nearly 78 percent of the 13 stadiums' capacity, attended NFL games. Last week, and the week before, the contests were played to about 75 percent of capacity. Last year, NFL teams played to 94 percent of their stadiums' capacity.

The winless Baltimore Colts drew only 23,598 and 29,761 tickets went unsold. Of the tickets sold, 7,355 were not used.

In a wet Chicago, the Bears drew 36,973 with 23,973 no-shows. Miami drew 45,721 to the Orange Bowl in 82-degree weather -- about 16,000 below the Dolphins' average attendance last year. There were 3,825 no-shows in Miami.

The Raiders drew 42,170 to the Los Angeles Coliseum, with 17,971 tickets unsold and 9,866 no-shows.

There were 8,324 no-shows in Philadelphia and 5,685 no-shows at Giants Stadium in New Jersey's Meadowlands. In Milwaukee, where it rained, there were 5,267 no-shows and 4,036 unsold tickets for the Packers game.

There were 2,991 no-shows in Cleveland, 1,910 in Pittsburgh, 1,650 in New Orleans and 1,119 in Denver. In all, 82,532 sold tickets went unused.