Bullets forward Spencer Haywood, who a month ago was considering retiring because of a calf injury, said yesterday that he is ready to be reactivated.

"I feel fine now and I have a lot of inspiration," said Haywood. "The pain is gone, I feel good and I'm ready to come back and help this team win."

Coach Gene Shue, who has watched Haywood closely during workouts the past two days at Bowie State, said Haywood may be activated in time for tonight's game against the New Jersey Nets at the Meadowlands (WDCA-TV-20, at 7:30).

"I think Spencer looks a little better each time I see him," said Shue. "He isn't running with a limp or anything. The only problem with activating him is we have a roster problem if we do. Someone will have to go. The thing is, you want to make absolutely sure he's ready. We don't want to activate, have him play one game and then have to sit him down again."

Haywood said he is anxous to play and has told Shue that, but said the fact that the Bullets have won six of their last seven games may mean this is not the best time for them to make a roster move.

"I know it's tough to make a roster change when you're winning," said Haywood. "I can understand that. Whatever Gene decides is fine. He's been very straight up with me and whatever he thinks is best is what I want to do. All I can say is that I'm ready to play."

Haywood will probably replace either Carlos Terry or Steve Lingenfelter on the roster. Terry, who is playing the shooting-guard position now, was re-signed when Haywood was put on the injured list. Since that time, however, Kevin Grevey has come off the injured list, giving the Bullets the depth they need at shooting guard. Lingenfelter has done well as a substitute power forward.

The Bullets were 3-6 when Haywood was put on the injured list Nov. 15 with strained ligaments in his right calf. They are 6-3 without him. Jeff Ruland has started in Haywood's place.