The NCAA investigation of North Carolina State football, a cat let out of the bag by State's Chancellor Bruce Poulton without elaboration this week in an alumni club talk, involves "one minor recruiting infraction," according to Wolfpack assistants -- pointing at ACC rival Clemson as whistle-blower. In contrast to the 150 violations that brought sanctions down upon Clemson, say N.C. State people, the single no-no on the Wolfpack's part may have been one too many visits with freshman defensive tackle Reggie Singletary. Or is it a double no-no? Singletary's mother says Reggie stayed with a 'Pack supporter to avoid a tenacious Clemson recruiter the night before he signed with State -- perhaps being "babysat" in violation of NCAA rules.

Word from Raleigh is that other ACC coaches, all requesting anonymity, said the investigation could lead to a widespread problem in the conference. "Before everything settles, we may all get something," said one.

Whatever, it's more grist for a Wolfpack-Tiger running feud that boiled into a quarrel between coaches Danny Ford of Clemson and Monte Kiffin at midfield (and on videotape) at the schools' game Oct. 23 . . . Tulsa Coach John Cooper has visited Raleigh to explore replacing ex-coach Kiffin . . . In Tulsa, radio KGTO-AM and KRAV-FM will pull a Nat Allbright and create, aided by computer analysis, a "Justice Bowl" matching the Hurricane (10-1) and New Mexico (10-1), both snubbed by live bowls. Says Bob Carpenter, doing the show: "Fort Worth was picked as the site . . . because of its image. It is kind of the Cleveland of the Southwest."