There may have been no "S" on the sweatsuit of the muscular 220-pounder who yanked open the door that an ordinary mortal could not, pulled a woman to safety from her overturned, smoking automobile, then -- after making sure things were under control -- went on with his jogging. But Sunday's hero didn't go unrecognized:

Herschel Walker.

Georgia's Heisman Trophy tailback, busy with exams yesterday, wouldn't comment, but university employe Ted Shanks told how, after a broadside two-car collision outside his Athens home rousted him and he tried to open the smashed car door, and couldn't budge it, no one stepped forward except this young jogger. And " . . . he just ripped the door open, glass shattered everywhere and then . . . we were just working together to get her out. It floored me when we stood up and I looked over her into his face . . . It's like you look up and there's John Wayne helping you."

Assured an ambulance had been called, Walker trotted away. The woman, 67, was treated at a hospital and released . . . .

Add just deserts for Walker: he's UPI college player of the year . . . Add traffic mishaps: A van carrying eight of Meadowlark Lemon's Bucketeers-Coasters basketball troupe overturned on icy I-84 outside Boise; injuries minor, next show in Moscow, Idaho, likely to go on.

New executive director set for Pacific-10: Tom Hansen, NCAA executive who helped negotiate current network football contracts (challenged by the College Football Association, to which Pac-10 schools do not belong) . . . New football coach at New Mexico State: Fred Zechman, Ohio State aide since following his high school protege, Art Schlichter, to Columbus.