When the Lakers visit San Antonio April 13, they'll start with the Spurs ahead, 116-114, :003 to play and Norm Nixon at the foul line to shoot one for Los Angeles. Second time in seven years as commissioner, Larry O'Brien upholds a protest of officials' ruling and orders replay; erasing the Lakers' double-overtime, 137-132 victory of Nov. 30 and picking up from the point of controversy, before the clubs' regularly scheduled game.

The situation: Nixon, on the second of two free throws, made as if to shoot and players from both teams moved into the foul lane -- but Nixon held the ball. Referee Jack Madden called double lane violation, jump ball.Lakers won the jump and Nixon made a field goal: 116-116.

The Spurs argued that since Nixon had not released his free throw, there was no lane violation, O'Brien concurs...

That subject of so many offcourt protests, Quintin Dailey, back in the Bay Area as basketball base? Maybe. Golden State Warriors have inquired of Dailey's NBA team, Chicago, about acquiring the star of U. of San Francisco's now defunct varsity. Comments Rod Thorn, Bulls' general manager, "I'll say this: the ownership of our team is sticking with Quintin Dailey." The first-round draftee was scoring at a 15-point clip before his current leave of absence for stress stemming from public reaction to his USF sex case.