Redskins (6-1) at Saints (3-4)

TV: WDVM-TV-9, WBAL-TV-11, 4 p.m.

Radio: WMAL-630, 4 p.m.

Injury Report: Redskins: none reported. Saints: QB Ken Stabler, elbow (Q); RB George Rogers, hamstring (D); LB Scott Pelluer, flu (D); WR Kenny Duckett, finger (Q).

Data: The game has been taken off the board due to the injury situation of the Saints. Teams rated even. Redskins lead the series, 6-4, but are 1-3 in New Orleans. Redskins defeated Giants, 15-14, and earned first playoff berth since 1976. Redskins have not lost to any team other than Dallas in December over last four years; KR Mike Nelms needs 26 more yards and four more returns to become the club career leader in both categories . . . Saints lost to Cowboys, 21-7, and have been outscored, 56-7, in last two games. RB George Rogers leads NFC in rushing with 535 yards. Colts (0-6-1) at Chargers (5-2)

TV: WMAR-TV-2, 4 p.m.

Radio: WCBM-680, WNAV-1430, 4 p.m.

Injury Report: Colts: WR Holden Smith, calf (Q). Chargers: none reported.

Data: Chargers favored by 10 and series is tied, 2-2; Colts have won both games in San Diego. Colts tied Packers, 20-20, but have been outscored by opposition, 158-80 . . . Chargers defeated Bengals, 50-34; Chargers are, by average, oldest team in NFL (27.2 years of age), while Colts are youngest (24.8). Browns (3-4) at Oilers (1-6)

Injury Report: Browns: T Cody Risien, knee (Q). Oilers: G George Reihner, back (O).

Data: Browns favored by 4 1/2 and lead series, 14-10, but Oilers have won three of last four. Browns beat Steelers, 10-9; TE Ozzie Newsome and RB Mike Pruitt have caught passes in 48 and 46 straight games, respectively . . . Oilers were beaten by Eagles, 35-14, and have lost five straight. Lions (3-4) at Buccaneers (3-4)

Injury Report: Lions: WR James Hunter, neck (O); DB Ray Oldham, knee (O); Mark Nichols, foot (O): LB Jimmy Williams, ankle (O). Buccaneers: RB James Owens, ankle (Q).

Data: Buccaneers favored by 3 1/2 and won both games last year; Lions lead series, 5-4. Buccaneers defeated Bills, 24-23, and defense is rated fourth in NFC with 283-yard average yield. QB Doug Williams has not been sacked in last 91 pass attempts . . . Lions lost to Vikings, 34-31; RB Billy SIms is averaging 3.7 yards per carry. Packers (4-2-1) at Falcons (5-2)

Injury Report: Packers: LB Jim Laslavic, toe (D); G Leotis Harris, hamstring (Q). Falcons: WR Alfred Jackson, ankle (Q); DE Jeff Merrow, arm (Q).

Data: Falcons favored by 4; Packers won last meeting in 1976, and lead series, 7-5. Packers tied Colts, 20-20, and WR James Lofton has caught a pass in 48 straight games . . . Falcons defeated 49ers, 17-7, and have outscored opponents, 86-34, in winning last three games. Patriots (4-3) at Steelers (4-3)

TV: WRC-TV-4, 1 p.m.

Injury Report: Patriots: none reported. Steelers: RB Sidney Thornton, hamstring, (O): S Fred Bohannon, hand (D); LB Craig Bingham, knee (Q); DE Tom Beasley, neck (Q).

Data: Steelers favored by 6 1/2 and lead series, 4-1. Patriots beat Seahawks, 16-0, and have won three of their last four. RB Tony Collins has rushed for 564 yards . . . Steelers lost to Browns, 10-9, and lost three of last four. S Donnie Shell is tied for NFL lead with five interceptions. Giants (3-4) at Cardinals (4-3)

TV: WDVM-TV-9, WBAL-TV-11, 1 p.m.

Injury Report: Giants: NT Bill Neill, knee (O); WR Danny Pittman, thigh (D); S Larry Flowers, hamstring (Q). Cardinals: S Lee Nelson, knee (D); S Ken Greene, back (Q).

Data: Cardinals favored by 1, but Giants won both games last year and lead series, 51-28-1. Giants lost to Redskins, 15-14, but have allowed only 112 points, second-best in NFC. LB Lawrence Taylor has 7 1/2 sacks . . . Cardinals defeated Bears, 10-7, but are winless (0-3) at home. Jets (5-2) at Vikings (4-3)

Injury Report: Jets: DT Marty Lyons, hamstring (Q). Vikings: WRs Ahmad Rashad, back (D); WR Sammy White, knee (Q); RB Darrin Nelson, knee (Q); DE Randy Holloway, knee (Q); C Dave Huffman, back (Q).

Data: Jets favored by 3 1/2, won last meeting in 1979 and lead series, 2-1. Jets lost Dolphins, 20-19, but have outscored opposition, 190-115. WR Wesley Walker has caught 32 passes for 533 yards and six touchdowns . . . Vikings beat Lions, 34-31; QB Tommy Kramer has thrown 12 touchdown passes. 49ers (2-5) at Chiefs (2-5)

Injury Report: 49ers: none reported. Chiefs: WR J.T. Smith, leg (Q); G Tom Condon, foot (Q).

Data: Teams rated even and have split two previous meetings. 49ers lost to Falcons, 17-7, but have second-best offense in conference. WR Dwight Clark has caught an NFL-leading 52 catches . . . Chiefs defeated Broncos, 37-16, after losing last four. K Nick Lowery is third in AFC in scoring with 54 points. Seahawks (3-4) at Bengals (5-2)

Injury Report: Seahawks: RB Horace Ivory, knee (Q). Bengals: CB Louis Breeden, groin (Q).

Data: Bengals favored by 10 and lead series, 2-0. Seahawks were beaten by Patriots, 16-0, and defense is second in NFL against pass. WR Steve Largent has caught a pass in 74 straight games . . . Bengals lost to Chargers, 50-34, but have third best offense in AFC. RB Pete Johnson has rushed for 484 yards and four touchdowns. Bears (2-5) at Rams (1-6)

Injury Report: Bears: WR James Scott, hamstring (Q). Rams: LB Jim Youngblood, knee (O); LB Jim Collins, ankle (Q); TE Mike Barber, shoulder, ankle (Q).

Data: Rams favored by 3, but trail series, 31-21-3. Bears lost to Cardinals, 10-7; RB Walter Payton needs nine more yards to reach 10,000-yard career mark . . . Rams lost to Raiders, 37-31; RB Wendell Tyler is tied for NFL lead with 10 touchdowns. Broncos (2-5) at Raiders (6-1)

Injury Report: Broncos: QB Craig Morton, knees (D); G Paul Howard, neck (Q); TE Riley Odoms, shoulder (Q). Raiders: none reported.

Data: Raiders favored by 7 1/2 and lead series, 31-11-2, but Broncos won both games last year. Broncos lost to Chiefs, 37-16, but are averaging 300 yards in total offense per game. PR Rick Upchurch leads NFL with 16-yard average per return . . . Raiders defeated Rams, 37-31, and have outscored opposition, 192-156. Eagles (2-5) at Cowboys (6-1)

Injury Report: Eagles: T Jerry Sisemore, knee (O); RB Billy Campfield, headaches (D); G Ron Baker, foot (D); DE Carl Hairston, knee (Q). Cowboys: LB Bob Bruenig, thigh (Q).

Data: Cowboys favored by 9 and lead series, 29-15; Eagles have only won once in Texas Stadium. Eagles beat Oilers, 35-14 . . . Cowboys defeated Saints, 21-7, and allowed an NFL-low 90 points. QB Danny White leads NFL with 102.2 rating. Bills (4-3) at Dolphins (5-2)

TV: WJLA-TV-7, WJZ-TV-13, 9 p.m.

Radio: WCBM-680, 9 p.m.

Injury Report: Bills: LB Jim Haslett, knee (D); FB Roosevelt Leaks, ankle (Q); S Steve Freeman, ribs (Q). Dolphins: WR Mark Duper, hamstring (Q).

Data: Dolphins favored by 3 in Monday night game and lead series, 25-5-1. Bills lost to Buccaneers, 24-23, but have the top-rated defense in NFL. S Bill Simpson has four interceptions . . . Dolphins defeated Jets, 20-19; RB Andra Franklin has rushed for 593 yards. -Compiled by Doug Cress

Key: O-Out, will not play; D-Doubtful, 75 percent chance will not play; Q-Questionable, 50-50 chance will not play.