MEAC's Bethune- Cookman hires as head coach B-C alumnus big Larry Little, the ex-Dolphin . . . If Tom Reed left any monogrammed items around in leaving Miami of Ohio to coach N.C. State, they could come in handy for his defensive coordinator now promoted to 29th head coach at Miami, "cradle of coaches": Tim Rose.

College Basketball: U. of District of Columbia might not be restored to Division II tournament and poll eligibility right away. NCAA could be too busy for a couple of weeks, convention and all, to process the UDC appeal--and wants a good reason for the school's failure to submit a standard sponsorship form by Dec. 1. Jerry Miles, NCAA director of men's championships, understood the problem may be due to UDC's change in athletic directors last fall but said a simple "We forgot" would not do . . . George Mason, losing star guard Andy Bolden rest of season, sees top reserve guard, junior Ricky Dillard, gone the same route: two warnings within four semesters for failing to pass two-thirds of courses with C or better, so no extracurricular activity. "Ricky knew the rules, just like Andy did," says A.D. Jack Kvancz.