Lefty Driesell, long-time opponent of the stall in college basketball, said he is unhappy with the 30-second shot clock and 19-foot, three-point field goal adopted this season by the Atlantic Coast Conference.

"I'd like to see them do away with the whole thing," Driesell said. "I was for the 30-second clock at first, but not now . . . And that three-point shot from 19 feet is scary."

Driesell has his theory of why Virginia (his opponent at Cole Field House Saturday) lost to Chaminade on Christmas Eve on the way home from Japan.

"Well, you know, they probably went over there to Japan and ate a lot of squid," Driesell said. "Then the kids went in those bath houses and let those girls walk all on their backs. Then they got to Hawaii and lied out on the beach and got all tan and ate a lot of pineapple" . . .

The 43 ACC basketball officials feel the new rules have made their lives easier.

"It's basically a more enjoyable and easier game to officiate than the game where the ball is being held and every possession is worth a million dollars and every call is so closely criticized," said Fred Barakat, ACC basketball officials supervisor, in Charlotte, N.C.