Mark Moseley missed one field goal yesterday because he hit the 47-yard kick too well.

He missed a second because he misjudged where holder Joe Theismann placed the ball.

But he isn't concerned about missing four of his last five attempts, not in a season when he already has set an NFL record (23) for consecutive field goals and has been selected the league's most valuable player by the Associated Press.

"I'm unhappy," he said, "but I'm not concerned. I'm just hitting the ball too well . . . I'm hitting it well in practice every day.

"It would be different if the kicks were bad. They'll fall in place," said Moseley.

"I just wish I could have made those today. I needed to hit them, we needed those field goals."

Moseley said the first kick "got up too high, it stayed up in the air too long. I hit it too good. The more it stayed in the air, the more the wind carried it.

"I thought it was good when I kicked it. I had started to leave the field. I couldn't believe it drifted to the left."

On the second kick, from the 39, he said he misjudged "the spot where Joe was placing the ball down."

"It was a really stupid mistake on my part . . . I was looking at another spot different (from) where he put the ball. I saw where he was going to put it but I didn't adjust."

Moseley should have been one for two. He made a 29-yard attempt, kicking it solidly. But it was nullified by a holding penalty on the Redskins, forcing the 39-yarder.

Moseley was one for two last week against Detroit, making a 26-yarder and missing from 42 yards. He also missed on his final attempt of the regular season, ending his record streak at 23.

This season, his kicks have been the point difference in five Washington victories.

"Thank goodness we didn't need those kicks from Mark today," Coach Joe Gibbs said.

"But I think he'll bounce back and hit the ones when we need them."