The Redskins will leave Dulles International Airport early tonight on a charter flight to southern California, where Coach Joe Gibbs hopes to establish "a routine as close to our normal work week as possible" to prepare for Super Bowl XVII Sunday against Miami in the Rose Bowl at Pasadena.

Gibbs, well aware that past Super Bowl teams have been distracted by the hype surrounding the game, spent much of last night dealing with administrative details that he thought would make the rest of the week easier for his team to handle.

"We are all new at this," he said, "and we'll just have to see what happens. I don't know what to expect. Things will come up that we'll have to deal with. But the most important thing is that we have time to prepare our game plan and to practice in private so we can concentrate on the game."

Gibbs said the Redskins may benefit from the fact that they are going immediately from the NFC title game against Dallas into a game week. Normally, there would be two weeks between the NFC game and the Super Bowl, but the extra time was wiped out in the playoff reformatting because of the players' strike.

"This week is going to be fast and quick, and that could help," he said. "It's going to be a common sense approach for us. We are going to do the things that will help us and we will tell both the players and the coaches what we expect.

"Things come up like tickets and where people are going to stay, things that are important to everybody. Everyone wants to be a part of this, but you want to make sure those things work out smoothly, so we can concentrate on the game itself."

The Redskins will stay in Costa Mesa, Calif., and will practice at the Los Angeles Rams' headquarters in Anaheim. On Tuesday, they will be host at a photo day, then hold press conferences Wednesday and Thursday mornings, all standard Super Bowl procedure.

The Washington coaching staff began game plan preparation last night and will continue work on it today. The players had Sunday off and will meet with Gibbs and his staff today before going to the airport.

The Redskins have a day's preparation advantage over the Dolphins, who also leave for California today.

"We'll just have to see how that works out," Gibbs said. "I'm more concerned about ourselves than anyone else."

Mark Murphy said the crowd reaction at RFK Stadium Saturday during the Dallas game "sounded like the Fourth of July. As soon as I walked out on the field, you knew it was going to be different." . . . Monte Coleman said it was the first time "the crowd actually cheered us like it was a game, and it was just pregame warmups." . . . . . Players' wives and Redskins' office staff probably will fly to the West Coast on Friday.