With all that's happened, I'm ready for the Super Bowl right now. Dallas is completely out of my mind. We played a great game to get here and we're here now. Miami is already fixed in my mind, now that we've started going over the game plan. That's all I'm thinking about.

Not that I didn't celebrate Dallas. I celebrated heavy. I had two bottles of champagne before I left the (RFK) parking lot, so you know how happy I was . . . It's like everything has fit into place the whole season. Hey, I went out and bought a house and the strike hit, and with the short season and all, I didn't know if I was going to make the payments or not. And here we are in the playoffs, the Hogs are blocking good, Riggo (John Riggins) is running good and we beat Dallas. That was Super Bowl One with Super Bowl Two right behind.

That was the best game I've played against Randy White. We just play and that's it. If I beat him, he'll say "nice block" or if he makes a good move, I'll say "nice move" and we go back to the huddle . . . But I can play better. I want to get to point where I dominate everybody I play.

I'm not worried about distractiions this week. But I think they (the coaches) may be a bit tighter than the team is. Everything is just the normal work week, except he (Joe Gibbs) asked us that if we are going to have a few drinks, that we don't have them in the hotel bar. You have to look at it like we are grown men anyway . . .

This game is really just another game, but there is just more at stake. I'm going out to have a few beers myself tonight. That's my nature. If I sit in every night and keep reading my game plan, I'll be so nervous by game time I wouldn't be able to play. Everyone has his own routine to get ready. I usually go out and have a few beers every Tuesday and Wednesday night and I'm not going to change now.

I'm rooming with Jacobs (Joe Jacoby) like I do on every trip. We ordered room service last night after we got here and I was so tired I fell asleep with a beer in my hand. But we're adjusting better (to the time change) today.

The league makes 21 or 22 cars available to the players. All we have to pick up is the gas, you just have to have three players to a car to get one. Donny Warren is from this area, he knows it, so tonight we are going to head down to Newport Beach area and see some places . . .

Today was different with all the media interviewing us. It's not like having one or two guys coming up. To me, I feel kind of strange doing it. I don't like talking to someone I don't really know. I don't know who they write for and I've never seen anything they write.

I was standing off to the side avoiding interviews as much as possible. It's a big event, and naturally you have to realize if they write the basic stuff it's not going to catch as much attention as if they write something that says, "Grimm says something bad about Miami." You don't want to get into the limelight doing something like that. I don't get paid to shoot my mouth off about another team, I get paid to move someone from another team. When it comes to work, I do what I have to do and that's it. You won't find me working overtime. graphics/photo: Russ Grimm