Miami does a lot of things that most other teams don't do. They've got a defensive end in (A.J.) Duhe who is playing linebacker. And they have a linebacker in (Kim) Bokamper who is a defensive end. Sometimes Bokamper will start coming in like he is going to rush the passer, then he'll drop back into pass coverage and a linebacker, like Duhe, will rush in, taking his place. They try to confuse you. All it means is that we have to put in extra study time this week. We'll do some things to try to counter their stuff. But Buges (Joe Bugel, the line coach) always has the Hogs well prepared, that's why he's so good. Now it's up to us to execute.

We're all aware of how big this game is. Everybody watches it, it's got those big television ratings and every player in the league is going to be looking in. I'm getting pumped up thinking about it. Think about it: 100 million people watching on televison and another 100,000 in the stands.

I'm going to do my best not to embarrass myself. In games like this, this is how stallions and donkeys are created, everyone knows that. The players know that. A guy might have three bad plays, maybe those are his only three bad plays all year and they all come in this game. And they all get run back on television numerous times, so that it paints a negative picture of somebody. Then the rest of his career all people remember about him are those plays, yet it might not be true that he can't play. Or they could catch me making one good block, maybe the only good block I had all game, and it could make me look like a superstar.

I'm going to see a lot of Duhe. He's a good player, he's probably the catalyst of their defense. He'll make a lot of great plays, mainly because you think he's supposed to be in one spot and when you look for him, he isn't. But knowing I'm going to face him pushes me. I know how I play might make me either one of those donkeys or stallions. And you know I don't want to be a donkey.

The Hogs are ready. We feel we can run the football, so it won't matter where Duhe lines up. I'm going to do anything my body will allow me to do to achieve the gold ring. It's more than money, it's pride. But there is no doubt in my mind we are going to win this game. I think we are a better football team. I just have to believe that going in. You can't think otherwise.