The Redskins will return to Washington Monday night on a charter flight that will land at Dulles Airport at approximately 6:30. The team will go from the plane directly onto buses parked on the runway, and will not got through the passenger terminal.

The buses will take the players to Redskin Park, but team officials say all roads to the team's practice complex off Sully Road in Chantilly will be blocked off and they are discouraging people from trying to drive in the area. Fairfax County and Chantilly police will barricade all roads leading to the Park, according to Joel Margolis, the team's assistant general manager.

"I'm sure we will have a lot of people trying to come out to see the team," Margolis said. "In 1972, people walked for miles through the fields to get there. But we'd really like to avoid a major tie-up.It's hard to tell them not to come because we think their enthusiasm has been fantastic. But we would like it to be controlled."

The team is scheduled to leave its hotel in Costa Mesa, Calif., Monday morning at 9:30, and the plane is scheduled to take off from Long Beach Airport at approximately 10:40 a.m. Five Redskins will not be on the flight home. Joe Theismann, Mark Moseley, Mike Nelms, Tony Peters and Charlie Brown will leave Monday morning for the Pro Bowl in Honolulu.