"Here we are, in Wembley Stadium, London, football fans. Fog not so bad this time of year . . . Uwe von Schamann approaches the tee, kicks off and Mike Nelms takes it at the goal line, he's up to the 10, the 20 . . ."

The Super Bowl comes to England? Well, a preseason facsimile is in the talking stages, a Redskins-Dolphins rematch (already on schedule for Aug. 20 or 21) for which the site has yet to be determined.

Come on over, urges a promoting team including film producer John Marshall (he did "The Greatest," starring Muhammad Ali) and the Tottenham Hotspurs of the English Football Association (that's soccer) with O.J. Simpson as intermediary. NFL headquarters indicates no objection, noting previous exhibitions played in Tokyo and Mexico City. Redskins and Miami front offices firmly nix the Britons' preferred July date--no way--but might listen to a formal approach for August.

Hang tight, says Tottenham's commercial manager, "the next thing is a trip to New York to see the NFL people." Look, 4.5 million saw the Super Bowl on British telly, and it isn't as if American football had never been played in Wembley. In 1953, it was the site of the U.S. Air Force championship.