"But I don't feel like retiring from football. No way. That's it. I'm going to play."

Joe Theismann speaking, asked by our Dave Kindred about those quotes from a Buffalo interview in which he ruminated about looking at options outside football, saying, "My wife is after me to retire."

"Well," Theismann said last night, "Sherri and I have talked about it. She would like me to retire and pursue some other things. And there were times through this last season that I thought about it. But . . . I don't plan on retiring. I just hope John (Riggins) gets everything he wants, and I hope all our free agents get everything they want and deserve. This is their shot at the brass ring."

Theismann, of course, has three years left on the contract he signed last winter.

"We've built a very close and unique football team here," said the anchor of the Superteams tug o' war champions, "and I want to see it stay that way" . . .

Around Redskin Park, Super Bowl rings and wedding rings for Wayne Sevier and Barbara Kelley, just back from a Las Vegas honeymoon: right, the special-teams coach and Coach Joe Gibbs' secretary (held over from the Allen and Pardee administrations) . . . He wants to be a Hog: Keith Jones, an offensive tackle out of West Virginia U., one of four free-agent signings about to be announced by the Redskins. "I don't feel I had a real chance with Tampa Bay (NFL)," Jones says in Charleston. "I'm 270 and the Redskins like the big linemen" . . . The Quarterback Club swings over to USFL with a luncheon salute to the Federals, March 4 at noon. Reservations available through the Touchdown Club. Mal Campbell is master of ceremonies and George Allen to guest if he can take time from preparing his Chicago Blitz for the March 6 opener here . . . Dan Lloyd, N.Y. Giants linebacker denied a comeback try by the NFL club although he contended a questionable knee was all right, has been signed by USFL's New Jersey Generals. Don't sell Lloyd short, he beat lymph node cancer that took him out of the 1980 and '81 seasons.