Veteran heavyweight Ernie Shavers was disqualified for several low blows to the body of George Chaplin in the ninth round of their 10-round bout tonight in the Civic Center.

Shortly after the fight, Shavers, 38, said he was through with boxing. "I'm retiring," he said. "Tonight showed me I've had it."

Shavers, slow and and rusty at 215 pounds, kept pressing Chaplin throughout the bout but most of his blows missed or were blocked by his 212-pound opponent's arms. Referee Harry Cecchini took away the third round from Shavers for hitting low and repeatedly warned the former contender whose roundhouse swings missed often, leaving him open to counterpunches from the light-punching Chaplin, who is 30.

Cecchini said later, "A fighter of his experience should have better control of his punches."

"All he had to do was take away another point from Shavers," said promoter Ben Poe.

"I knew I was winning, but I didn't think the ref would stop it for him hitting me low," said Chaplin.

The win brought Chaplin's record to 19-6-1. The crowd of 3,400 brought a gate of $55,000, $10,000 of which was guaranteed to Shavers.

In the semifinal match scheduled for eight rounds, undefeated Reggie Gross of Baltimore knocked out Charlie Williams in 55 seconds of the first round.