Calvin Peete, through his agent, issued a statement today concerning his abrupt withdrawal from the Honda Inverrary Classic on Friday.

At that time, an upset and angry Peete walked off the course after the ninth hole without speaking to his playing partners or officials, left the course, checked out of his hotel and drove to his Fort Myers home.

"I had a very upsetting experience at the ninth hole. It was a personal matter and had nothing to do with the golf tour. I felt that with the frame of mind it put me in, it would be best for me to withdraw from the tournament," read Peete's statement. "I was sure this problem would affect my own play through the rest of the round and since I was playing with Payne Stewart, who was tied for the lead, I certainly didn't want to do anything that would upset him either," continued Peete who, though not in contention for the lead, was only three shots over par for the tournament.

"I realize I should have contacted a PGA Tour official and told him . . . but, at the time, I honestly wasn't thinking properly. I was very upset. It was very unprofessional of me, I know, and I can only hope the PGA, the sponsors of the tournament and the fans who were following us will accept my sincere apology."

According to a source who has been in contact with Peete, but who was not an eyewitness, Peete became upset due to the actions of a fan near the ninth green. According to this source, Peete, who was the fourth-leading money winner on the PGA Tour in 1982, not want this problem situation to get worse and affect the play of Stewart.