The National Basketball Association management and players association met for five hours in New York yesterday, in their first negotiating session in a week.

The previous meeting lasted 24 minutes. Not much more was accomplished in yesterday's longer meeting.

"No one is changing positions, but at least we're talking," said Larry Fleisher, general counsel of the players association .

"The only thing you can say positive was that we were together for five hours," said Fred Brown of the Seattle SuperSonics, vice president of the players union. "We discussed all of the issues and made sure that each side understood the position of the other," said Fleisher. The NBA's labor relations committee, chaired by Bullets owner Abe Pollin, and the league's board of governors are scheduled to meet in Los Angeles beginning today and Fleisher said he expects to hear from the league over the weekend.

A spokesman for the NBA said Commissioner Larry O'Brien will review the meetings with the owners and then get back to the players.

The major stumbling block in the negotiations is over a guaranteed compensation plan introduced by the owners, which would put a ceiling on salaries and give the players a share of the league's revenues, but also restrict free agency.