A former San Diego State basketball player dismissed from the team at the start of the season has told the NCAA that he received credit for two courses he never attended. David Bradley said the classes were offered at San Diego City College in the summer of 1980, and that he was credited with a "C" in each.

The credits allowed him to enter San Diego State that fall. "I ain't never been to no City College," Bradley said. "I've never been to no class, I took no tests, nothing." Bradley's claim comes in the wake of an "informal inquiry" into the San Diego State basketball program by the NCAA.

Bradley said he didn't even know he was registered at City College, a fact disputed by former Aztec assistant coach Ken Baker. "I know for a fact that he registered," Baker said, adding that he helped him enroll. When told what Baker said, Bradley told the Union, "Oh, yeah, I went down there. I signed an ID card and some other stuff."

Assistant Coach Michael Brunker said Bradley was cut from the squad for "disciplinary reasons" and now is conducting "a personal vendetta."

Cladwell Black taught the two courses--a physical education class and a health science course, and said special arrangements were made for Bradley and another player because they had summer jobs.

"I did not demand attendance in these cases," he said. "I did demand weekly work." Black said that papers and tests with Bradley's name on them were delivered at least once by Baker.