ne day and several thousand hangovers later, Louisville basketball fans were still loving it; chanting fight songs into the a.m. hours in the Hyatt Regency Hotel lobby, celebrating to the max the Cardinals' victory over Kentucky in Saturday's Mideast Regional.

Even the Kentucky fans got into the spirit. They too realized the first Louisville-Kentucky game since 1959 was something even non-Kentuckians could admire.

So why not make it a regular date?

"Ive talked about that already and I'm not going to comment on it anymore," said Kentucky Coach Joe B. Hall, as stern and aloof as ever.

The players took the cue from their coach. "I'm out of the program now," said senior guard Dirk Minniefield. "It doesn't concern me anymore."

Louisville President Donald Swain told the Associated Press a regular-season meeting may come about. "I think we'll start scheduling each other, I really do," Swain said.

Kentucky Gov. John Y. Brown expressed an interest in the schools beginning a yearly home-and-home series. But unless Kentucky changes its "policy" about playing in-state schools, Saturday's game--an NCAA tournament classic--could be a one-time thing.

Perhaps the anticipation helped make the game the event it was. The Louisville newspapers featured in their pregame editions special sections on it, with color art.

Gov. Brown showed up in a a sport coat Kentucky blue on one side, Cardinal red on the other. His wife, sportscaster Phyllis George, wore an elaborate red and blue gown.

Brown congratulated both teams after Louisville won, 80-68, by scoring the first 14 points of shocking five-minute overtime. "The overtime was kind of spectacular," said Louisville Coach Denny Crum. "It's one of those things you can't explain."