"I called it the way I saw it and that's the reason I'm losing my job. I wouldn't be able to get up and shave my face in the morning without cutting my throat if I became a house man."

Jimmy Piersall speaking: former pregame/postgame show host on White Sox cablecasts.

SportsVision, the pay-TV station owned by the Sox and three other Chicago sports teams, cut Piersall's job short, one game into the new season. "It had to be done," Sox President Eddie Einhorn said between defeats in Texas; criticism is fine, "journalistic license" written into his contract, but Piersall's attacks were "vitriolic and personal."

In 1981, remember, Piersall was suspended from White Sox game 'casts because of snide remarks about players' wives. This time, the old outfielder--a frequent 1982 on-air critic of Manager Tony LaRussa-- declared before the opener that it wasn't smart to start rookie Greg Walker at first base. Walker proceeded to make two damaging errors in the first inning. Then there was the postgame TV wrapup . . . and now Piersall has only his independent job on a postgame radio show--and thoughts of suing . . .

In Cleveland, it's concessionaires getting heat from Indians President Gabe Paul. Expecting 60-75,000 fans for home opener Saturday (Orioles), and Paul angers Municipal Stadium and Servomation officials with, "Our fans . . . are victims of overpricing."