Washington Federals Coach Ray Jauch might not have the solution to his team's misfortunes, but Sunday against the New Jersey Generals he plans to implement a two-quarterback offense, alternating Joe Gilliam and Mike Hohensee.

Jauch said there would be no pattern in substitution of the quarterbacks, and no time limits. "It depends on who is moving the ball," the coach said.

Gilliam and Hohensee are getting equal time in practice this week.

However, there is at least one Federal who has doubts about the two-quarterback system. Running back Billy Taylor, who signed with the Federals three weeks ago, said he played with that system at Texas Tech and during his second season with the New York Giants.

"To be honest, I don't think there are too many positive points," said Taylor. "It doesn't develop someone to take charge. Week to week, players don't know who their leader is. (However) if one quarterback is cold, see if the other one is hot."

Jauch said that although he could not tell if the Federals (1-5) are keeping pace with other U.S. Football League teams as far as improvement is concerned, he thinks recent additions to the Federals have improved the squad.

The Federals yesterday signed offensive guard Jeff Sevy, a six-year NFL veteran with Chicago and Seattle, and tight end Tony Samuels, a four-year NFL veteran with Kansas City and Tampa Bay.