Michigan rookie John Williams ran 31 yards for a touchdown and became the first Panther to rush for 100 yards in a game as he led the team past Chicago in Pontiac, Mich.

After spotting the Blitz a 6-3 halftime lead, Michigan took the second-half kickoff and moved 72 yards in four plays, including Williams' 24-yard run on the second play. Williams, who is 5-foot-11, 200 pounds and has not played much for Michigan, then sprinted 31 yards up the middle for the touchdown that put the Panthers ahead for good.

"We didn't expect to use him that much, but we had him prepared because Cleo Miller had a banged-up knee," Michigan Coach Jim Stanley said. "Once we saw John had the hot hand, we sure weren't going to pull him out."

Williams said Michigan coaches thought they noticed a flaw in the Blitz defensive pursuit that would allow the Panthers' ground game to go, but nothing came of it until Williams ran 15 yards up the middle the first time he got the ball, with about nine minutes left in the second quarter.

"When I made that first carry, I just loosened up and ran free," Williams said. "It builds up your confidence a whole lot, getting started like that. It helps you get warmed up in a hurry.

Williams, a Muskegon native who played college football at Wisconsin, finished with 133 yards on 19 carries as 11,634 watched at the Silverdome.6, Carter 1-22, Echols 1-21, Holloway 1-7, Williams 1-4.