Tony LaRussa in year two of a two-year contract has just been extended through 1984 as White Sox manager, not bad for a fellow all but fired last summer . . . Outfielder Mark Bradley, due in his first Mets box score Saturday at St. Louis, blew it, and now he's fined $700. New York Manager George Bamberger scratched Bradley from the lineup and stung reliever Neil Allen and Bradley $500 each for breaking curfew after Friday night's loss, and Bradley, Brian Giles and Hubie Brooks $200 each for showing up late at Busch Stadium on Sunday. Bradley and Allen had been in a hassle with some customers in an East St. Louis after-hours bar; Allen's brother--a Kansas City policeman-- and cousin stepped in and got arrested for brawling. Allen bailed them out . . . Washington Post baseball writer Tom Boswell, his second book a-coming, follows Zippy the Chimp as guest on NBC's David Letterman (12:30 a.m.) show tonight.

Emil (Dutch) Leonard, a fine pitcher for the Washington Senators, 1938-46, among 20 years in the majors, died Sunday night in Springfield, Ill.; congestive heart failure. He was 20-8 with the 1939 Nats, 17-7 as one of four knuckleballers on the staff in the near-miss pennant run of 1945. He was 191-181 with Dodgers, Senators, Phillies and finally, Cubs, for whom he was still knuckling 'em at age 44 in 1953 . . . Gus Mauch, 81, one of sports' most noted trainers (45 years with Yankees, Mets and football's Giants), died Saturday in St. Petersburg, Fla.