The Washington Redskins and first-round draft choice Darrell Green are approximately $250,000 apart while negotiating a possible five-year contract, Green's agent said yesterday. The agent also said the new Houston franchise in the U.S. Football League has expressed interest in Green.

"Right now we're just trying to agree on figures (with the Redskins)," said Carver Henry, agent for the rookie cornerback from Texas A&I. "They want to give him a five-year contract. I'm not opposed to a five-year contract if the money is right.

"We haven't broken it down yet, but we're (a total of) about a quarter of a million to $300,000 apart. Today I talked with Bobby (Beath-ard, Redskins general manager) twice. The talks got serious for the first time today."

Henry noted that the Houston franchise in the USFL, scheduled to begin operations next year, has made overtures to gain negotiating rights to Green from the Denver Gold, which currently owns those rights.

"Darrell would prefer to play with the Redskins. All young athletes dream of playing in the National Football League," Henry said. "But if the terms are not agreeable, I would have to look elsewhere. I would have no choice . . .

"I talked with the Houston people. They said they would get back to me and I'm willing to listen to whoever wants to pay my client some money . . . But Bobby has been very cordial with me. I'm going to give Bobby and the Redskins organization every chance (to sign Green)."

Beathard would not discuss any of the terms of the current negotiations, but said yesterday, "All I can say is that I thought the talks went well. We are planning to talk again (Tuesday)."

Officials from Denver and Houston could not be reached yesterday.