General Manager Bobby Beathard of the Redskins is unhappy because the team's first draft choice, Texas A&I cornerback Darrell Green, hasn't signed a contract. Carver Henry, Green's agent, has said that the two sides are still $250,000 apart in negotiating a possible five-year deal and that Green won't work out until he signs.

"I expected that we would come to some agreement yesterday," Beathard said. "But right now I don't know where we stand. The only thing I know is that its really hurting the kid not to be here.

Beathard aimed some barbs at Henry, saying, "Every once in a while you get a guy who doesn't realize what's involved with missing (the individual workouts)" . . .

Richard Lagow, 37, is a Ph.D. chemistry professor at the University of Texas. He's also 6 feet 1, 238 pounds and capable of a 4.9 in the 40-yard dash. He has petitioned the Southwest Conference to allow him one more year of eligibility at Rice University. SWC officials forwarded the petition to the NCAA "for as much favorable consideration as possible."

Lagow enrolled at Rice in 1964 and played on the defensive line in 1965 and 1966. He graduated in three years and under the rules could play no more.

Now, though, the NCAA allows athletes to complete eligibility after graduation. But that eligibility must be used within five years. Lagow wants the five-year rule waived.

Lagow earned his doctorate in chemistry, went to M.I.T. as a chemistry professor and came to Texas in 1978.