Chicago Cubs' Manager Lee Elia, who was nearly fired a month ago after criticizing Chicago fans and press, shoved a television cameraman following yesterday's 9-7 loss to the visiting Houston Astros.

After the incident, Chicago General Manager Dallas Green met with Gordon Goldsberry, the club's director of minor leagues and scouting. They were joined by Elia.

Green later issued a statement indicating Elia's job was safe. "I heard both sides of the story and I feel satisfied that the incident is over," Green said in a statement.

The cameraman, Dan Brown, entered Elia's office after the game and the manager said, "No cameras, no cameras." Brown asked if this was a new policy and Elia said, "As of today." A tape, by WBBM-TV, shows Elia pushing the cameraman, who suffered a cut.

"This is just a blown-up incident," said Elia. "I asked the cameraman five or six times to leave and he refused to leave the office. I can't believe they're calling this a slugfest. Unfortunately, that's the way things are going. It's way out of proportion."

Elia denied slugging the cameraman. "No, I just asked him to leave and I moved his shoulder. He was right in front of the doorway," said Elia, who when asked if he would be fired, said, "I have no idea."

Terry Puhl's tie-breaking, two-run triple with two out in the eighth inning won the game for the Astros, offsetting a two-home run performance by Bill Buckner.