A federal court jury in Atlanta took little more than an hour before finding for owner Ted Turner of the Braves in a $17 million suit. Bucky Woy, a sports agent, had alleged that Turner defamed him and interfered in his business relationship with Bob Horner, the Braves' third baseman.

Turner had blamed Woy for the death in 1979 of Bill Lucas, the Braves' general manager.

"I told the truth and when you tell the truth it's not slander," Turner said after the verdict . . .

Commissioner Bowie Kuhn's office has assigned security people to the 26 major league clubs to see what players do offfield, but a spokesman said nobody's spying.

"We have salaried people in each city, hired to monitor gambling, scalping and other matters of security," Chuck Adams of Kuhn's staff said. "There's nothing covert or cloak and dagger about it."

Kenneth Moffett, executive director of the major league players association, had sent a memo to players alerting them to "liaison agents." The memo said "agents" had been instructed to frequent places where players congregate and establishments where "gambling, drug use and/or other suspect activity is alleged to take place, checking on players . . ."