Charges have been dropped against Billy Martin, New York Yankees' manager accused by an El Toro, Calif., real estate salesman of throwing a punch at him May 25. Anaheim police said a dozen witnesses substantiated Martin's claim that he had not struck Robin Wayne Olson, 27, who filed an assault and battery complaint three hours after the incident at the Anaheim Hyatt Hotel bar . . .

Owner George Steinbrenner, in one of his last acts before his week's suspension starts Friday, has ordered an end to junk food in the Yankees' clubhouse.

In a memo, he ordered trainer Gene Monahan to "assist (clubhouse man) Nick Priore in setting up a balanced and proper selection of food . . . , eliminating those foods which could adversely affect the performance of our team. Such things as doughnuts, pastries and candy are out."

Willie Randolph: "I don't eat that stuff anyway. I don't snack at the ballpark." Oscar Gamble: "That stuff's bad for your body. I ain't jiving. I ain't eating no junk no more" . . .

Billy Sample, Texas Rangers' left fielder, has written Bowie Kuhn to apologize for his criticism of the commissioner's plan to police major league players off field--and remarks by Sample (quoted in the Dallas Morning News) that might have been construed as intimating that a little drug use is okay.

"The point I was making is that baseball players should have a right to their private lives without threat of investigation," Sample's letter said. "We should not be put on a moral pedestal solely because we are baseball players. I realize the implications of all of this towards the integrity of the game, and all I can offer are my most humble apologies."

In the newspaper, Sample had been quoted: "Smoke a joint, take an amphetamine within your own sphere. I ought to be able to do it as long as it's not affecting my work."