arvis Frazier, using pressure and effective body punching, scored a unanimous 10-round decision over Joe Bugner today, 10 years after his father, former heavyweight champion Joe Frazier, scored a 12-round decision over Bugner.

The 22-year-old Frazier, who at the age of 12 was a spectator when his father beat Bugner in London, took charge at the outset. Bugner, 33, was never in contention.

Judge Charles Spina saw the fight as a surprisingly close one, scoring it 6-4 for Frazier. Judge Harold Lederman scored it 8-2, Frazier, and judge Richard F. Murry saw it 10-0 for the winner.

"The 10 years seem just like yesterday," Bugner had said before the fight.

The result was the same--a Frazier victory--but a young Bugner gave Joe a tougher fight than an aging and heavy Bugner gave Marvis.

Knocked down once 10 years ago, Bugner was never off his feet today. But he took a severe body pounding and was marked about both eyes.

The 6-foot-4 Bugner, weighing 237 3/4, enjoyed a reach advantage over the 6-foot Frazier, who weighed 200 1/2. It did him no good as Frazier was too fast and was in much better condition.

Frazier, now 10-0 with six knockouts, began working the body extremely well in the fourth round. And he had Bugner wincing from savage body blows in the fifth and sixth rounds. Frazier didn't ignore the head, either, scoring with several clean left hooks and overhand rights.

Bugner kept backing up throughout the fight, trying to catch Frazier with uppercuts as he moved in. Even when he landed, Bugner was not particularly effective. The best round for Bugner was the third, when he snapped Frazier's head back with three strong jabs.

The loss broke a four-bout winning streak for Bugner (56-9-1).

In a preliminary, Washingtonian Simon Brown knocked out Puerto Rico's Domingo Ayala at 2:41 of the first round in a junior welterweight bout.

Brown (15-0), ranked ninth by the USBA, came out aggressively, landing solid body punches before forcing Ayala into his own corner and flooring him with a left-right overhead combination.